Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6: The more, the funnier

Today, I laughed at: the reaction I got when asking my co-worker to get me a Happy Meal at McDonald's.
No, seriously, I did this. I got one a week ago because of extremely poor planning on my part and I was running late with L. and realized we needed a quick lunch on the go. So I swallowed my pride and went to McDonald's. Inside the Happy Meal were figurines of characters from "The Wizard of OZ." Before I knew it, L. was in love with the Dorothy doll she got, which I ended up giving to my ex-sister-in-law when dropping L. off. So I've kind of indulged and have been getting Happy Meals here and there just for the toys for L. Look, we've already gone through how "Glee" is my McDonald's. Well, McDonald's is my McDonald's, as well. Oh, the stuff we do (and eat) for our kids.

It's now Day 6 of the 31 Days Challenge. If I want to think about it mathematically, I'm 20 percent done!

I finally told someone other than my boyfriend about what I was doing. Very few friends actually know I even have a blog. I was at lunch with a former coworker (the one featured in my introductory post for the 31 Days Challenge) and I started talking about it.

Before I knew it, I couldn't stop. I was just blabbering on about how much fun it is to write every day and how weird it is giving myself the challenge to find something that cracks me up.

We talked about the shows and comedians we enjoy the most, or we can truthfully call "funny," are the ones who can make us laugh when no one else is around. I told him one of my guilty pleasures was "The Golden Girls" and how there is at least one joke per show that had me in hysterics, usually delivered by Sophia. Actually, anytime Dorothy reacted to Sophia with, "Not NOW, Ma!" That usually cracked me up.

I once learned the reason laugh tracks were invented was just for that reason: People are more prone to laughter when other people are laughing around them. I know there have been countless movies that have seemed funnier in a movie theater when I've seen them, only to not even elicit a giggle when I watch them by myself in my own home. And I always find a group setting ends up inciting more laughter. Maybe that's why I seemed to laugh more when I was more social. Or when I had cable and regular access to never-ending reruns of "The Golden Girls."