Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17: Making the connection

Today, I laughed at: the fiance telling me about the washer and dryer he bought us.
He apparently saw a sticker on it for WiFi and he just assumed it meant the washer and dryer would send up a text or maybe even Tweet at us when it was done.
Now, he had researched this washer and dryer through his tech-loving websites. He found this one that dried clothes in, get ready, 30 minutes. He was in love. 
The Kenmore Elite Steam
Washer and Dryer will
not text you when
the laundry's done.
There were even settings on the washer so if you were to leave clothes in overnight, it would intermittently circulate fresh air in as it tossed the clothes around. Same with the dryer so clothes wouldn't wrinkle.
This is a high tech washer and dryer he decided to buy from an outlet, after a discount for being a returned item. Watching him read the owner's manual online was almost uncomfortable, like he was watching adult entertainment. That's how excited he was about this washer and dryer.
When he got to the part about the WiFi sticker, though, he found out the washer and dryer would not be texting us when our clothes were ready. However, when we call for maintenance, the WiFi would transmit signals over our phones to the computer for diagnostic ... um ... things. I don't actually know exactly what it does, now that I think of it. I think I was laughing too hard at the disappointment he had mixed with the excitement over all the cool things our new gadgets could do. I love him and his gadgets.

I think it's easier to find humor in things when you can make connections in your mind. I wouldn't necessarily think the word, "milk" was funny, for example. But, I heard the word and automatically thought of the scene in "Anchorman" Will Ferrell says, "Milk was a bad choice." And I might smile a bit. Or I might say the quote out loud, hoping someone else will understand the connection and laugh.

I think the unexpected connections are what make us laugh the most. Especially when it comes to what kids say and do. Sure, we don't want them to make the connection between something bad happening and swearing, but sometimes they will stub their toe and say, "damn it!" And, really, it's a little funny, even if you have to admonish them while trying to stifle giggles.

 Great reuse of paint swatches!
The other day, L. was working on a project of gluing stars to a piece of paper and I didn't even think of singing, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while doing it. So I was very pleased she made the connection on her own. And we sang it while making our masterpiece. It wasn't necessarily funny, but I always enjoy seeing her make connections.

My friend Kitty and I crack up over seemingly ordinary words, but they remind us of a joke from our cumulative years of laughing at nearly everything we encountered.

Being able to have those connections can make the world a whole lot funnier.