Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Being extra observant

Today, I laughed at: L.'s cupcake face
We went out to dinner to celebrate the boyfriend's father's birthday tonight. Before leaving, I was terrified. Absolutely scared to death about bringing a toddler into a public restaurant. But, she went right into the high chair and played with her toys on the table, especially since the boyfriend's mother brought ones she had never seen before. It turned into a wonderful dinner and the whole family ended up taking so many pictures of L. and her cupcake face.

I was listening to a podcast today (I think it was a Nerdist podcast, but I'm really not sure) and the host was talking to a comedian, saying, "It must be extra tough for a comedian to receive criticism since your mind is probably more sensitive to everything in the world that surrounds you."

I had never thought of that but it's true! All those comedians I laugh at (and, I'll be honest, stand up really doesn't do it for me) are usually seeing the world and analyzing it in a way that either makes way too much sense and the joke points out the outrageous things humans do in life, or they comment on every day things, only to deliver a completely different punchline than we're expecting. But, in creating their material, they have to be extra observant about the world around them.

This can be said for being a mom I think. If I'm not extra observant of the world around us, I might miss a sewing needle on the floor near where L. is playing barefoot. Or, I might miss a cue she's trying to give me that may prevent a near-future tantrum. But, mostly, I'm afraid of missing the moments in life I'll happy look back on. I know I have a bunch, but I always want more.

Not that I'm planning on becoming a comedian, but it might help in finding the humor to really observe everything around me. As of right now, this second, I'm observing L. singing in bed, even though it's 10:34. But, then again, that cupcake she had is probably the root of this late night concert I get to listen to.