Friday, July 19, 2013

Our new addition

We're proud to announce an addition to the Self-Evident Supermom household. Meet Biff the Basil Plant.

Appropriately named after Marty McFly's archenemy in "Back to the Future." Not that the basil is a bully, but because one of boyfriend's friend will seem to see Biff everywhere. Wherever we go or whatever we watch, he's convinced Thomas F. Wilson plays a role in life in general. He will then ask, "Is that Biff?" and we've just started saying yes.

So, our first night with Biff, we harvested a few leaves to add to crock pot chicken parm. While I was cooking, I realized boyfriend always seems to annoy me because our kitchen is small. I don't just mean small, I mean TINY! Think linen closet tiny. So I finally drew a box with chalk for him to stand in so he can watch me but not get in my way.

Note: I don't think I can be one of those bloggers who posts pictures only if their homes are perfectly clean. I just can't. I love taking pictures in the moment. So that fact that my flip-flops are strewn about, my daughter's table still has a coloring page on it and there's an IKEA bag still on a chair in the corner, well, I'm perfectly OK with.

Also, the chicken parm DID NOT turn out well. It had nothing to do with the Biff basil, but I think cooking it overnight was way too long. And leaving it on warm burned it, actually.