Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hypothetical Question

Would you rather .... 

Have an extra arm to help with every day parenting things? Or have Mary Poppins' bag that contains anything you could possible need or want (or, more importantly, forgot to pack)?

This question popped in my head as I was on a long car ride home with L. and she fell asleep. I could tell the AC was a little too cold for her, and I wished I could have easily gotten the blanket out of the trunk. So, digging through what many of my friends refer to as the Mary Poppins mom bag, I figured the changing pad would just have to do.

But, the third arm could also come in pretty handy, especially today when I put the keys down to get L. into the car and the stroller in the trunk, only to find L. had grabbed them and had locked all the doors. Luckily, the trunk was still open so I could climb in and get them from her.