Sunday, September 29, 2013

Internet Finds

Thank you, Huffington Post, for supporting bloggers who are pro-vaccine. As much as it pains me to watch L.'s face in anguish as she's getting her shots, the diseases the vaccines are protecting against are much worse than any temporary pain she's experiencing.

JJ Keith wrote an article on Huffington Post today coming out as pro-vaccine. She mentions my cousin's daughter, Clio, who is battling leukemia and, because of the inability to receive vaccines, she is vulnerable to the diseases. I can only guess the risk is increased with all the trips to the hospital she has to take. As far as we know, childhood cancer cannot be prevented. Diseases that were mostly eradicated but have seen a jump in recent years, however, can. And transferring these diseases to others who don't have a choice about getting the vaccine is unfair, in my opinion.

So, if the article is a call for more parents to come out as pro-vaccine, consider this my announcement. Read the facts, do a Google image search of kids with those diseases vaccines protect against (it's heartbreaking), and decide for yourself.