Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We hold these truths ...

Here's my own Declaration of Independence.

  • I will not strive to impress anyone with my mothering skills.
  • I will not succumb to Mom Guilt.
  • I will focus my energy on raising a compassionate and confident daughter.
  • I will not attempt to fall into the categories of "mommy blogger," "helicopter mom," "bad mommy," "hypochondriac mom," "organic," "overprotective," "divorced and bitter," "tiger mom," "woe-is-me," "martyr mom" or "Mommy Dearest."
  • I will not think of my daughter in terms of categories such as "Terrible 2s," "a tantrum just waiting to happen" or "too ____ for her own good." Or, even worse, "a typical ___ year old." Because she will prove me wrong. Every time.
  • I will OWN my messy ponytail, applesauced jeans and shirt with the juice stain from holding a sippy cup in my mouth and having the lid pop off while changing a diaper!
  • I will be as honest with my daughter as I can.
  • I will read parenting advice, but not obsessively. I will listen to my instincts, but continue to look for guidance.
  • I will only give parenting advice when asked. I will not volunteer advice to other moms just because something worked wonders for us. (Aside from this blog, which is a take-it-if-you-want, not-written-in-stone type.)
  • At the end of a "bad" day, I will remember that tomorrow is a brand new day. My daughter is too young to hold a grudge. And, if I can help it, she will not hold onto hurt and let it eat at her, like Mommy took almost 30 years to find out.
  • I will use my weaknesses to help make my daughter stronger.
  • I will use my strengths to make her nearly invincible.
  • I will not apologize for toys strewn about or dishes left in the sink or a cat or two covered with sticky fur from even stickier hands.
  • I will be thankful for every minute with my daughter, even if that thankfulness comes in hindsight.
  • I will not blame my ex-husband for anything in my life. In fact, without him, I wouldn't have the most precious daughter in the entire world. We will both try to the best of our ability to co-parent successfully. Our little girl deserves it. We owe it to ourselves.
Without proof or argument, I am, by my own definition, a SUPERMOM.